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Welcome to the website of Joshua Brady LCSW, Seattle & Santa Fe Astrologer and Clinical Counselor

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Astrology originally emerged from cultures that were deeply connected to nature -- cultures that lived harmoniously within the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and our solar system. In our modern world, the cultures in which we live have largely lost, forgotten, or chosen to ignore our connection with nature.

Astrology potentially reconnects us with those rhythms and cycles. It is a way to re-align ourselves with the way nature behaves within her seasons.

Western Astrology takes a psychological perspective. It offers the real opportunity to raise our awareness of ourselves and of others around us, allowing us to live more consciously. Conscious living allows for choice; choice offers the possibility of freedom and the reclaiming of personal power from the unconscious.

My primary interest is in helping people. To that end, I have found astrology and clinical counseling to be powerful and effective tools -- especially in combination. My work blends these two complementary approaches according to the unique needs of the client.

The Astrological Services offered include:
the greek pantheon
  • Natal Charts
    • Planetary configurations and aspects
    • Transits
    • Progressions and midpoints
  • Astrocartography
  • Composite/Relationship Charts
  • Work with individuals, couples, children, and families

Astrological work can be a very powerful means to expose issues that have lain dormant, or have been repressed. Sometimes these issues, once exposed, require further effort in order to see them resolved, or brought to a manageable level of workability within one's life.

The goals of Clinical Counseling include:
  • To explore underlying issues related to present day thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and difficulties
  • To work towards the resolution of issues
  • To clarify personal and professional goals
  • To provide specific tools and activities to assist in accomplishing goals

For questions and/or to schedule an appointment, please contact Joshua at 505.577.2740.

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